Nevis Minister Donates A/V Equipment To School

Charlestown, Nevis
October 22, 2007

Students and staff of the Charlestown, Nevis Primary School (CPS) were happy recipients of two Magnovox DVD players on Monday October 22, 2007, a gift they received from Area Representative for Charlestown Hon. Robelto Hector.
During the presentation to Principal Mrs Alice Swanston at the school’s morning assembly, Mr. Hector noted that the gift was as a result of a request by a parent who alerted him of the school’s needs which was articulated during a Parent Teachers meeting.
“This is a request that came from a parent right after your last meeting. The parent came to me and told me what the needs of the school were. I thought that this was not an unreasonable request and so I decided to give the school two DVD players,” he said.The Minister urged the students and staff to care for the audio visual equipment which would serve as a useful aid in their studies. He thanked parents for their continued efforts to secure assistance for the school.
“This is a world that is advancing in technology and I would not want you to be disadvantaged in any way because you do not have the right aid to assist you be it audio visual or otherwise. So I want you to take care of it, you are a good school you are doing well and it is always my hearts desire to give when I can.
“I want to say to you children, though this is only two I want you to also say to your parents to continue their efforts so that perhaps every class can have a DVD player,” he said.
Meantime, while she registered her gratitude on behalf or the school’s students and staff, Mrs. Swanston thanked Mr. Hector for his interest in the school. She said they were in possession of a number of teaching aids in many of the subject areas and therefore a DVD player was a necessary tool in the classroom.
“I would like the children to take up the suggestion that Hon. Robelto Hector made, to let your parents know about your classes getting a DVD player. We have tables, working language, working social studies and science that we have on DVDs that could be used in the classroom and so we are going to make very good use of these DVD players,” she said.

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