Nevis Island’s Renewable Energy Project Promising

Charlestown, Nevis
March 04, 2008

Junior Minister of Communications, Works and Public Utilities in the Nevis Island Administration (NIA), the Hon. Carlisle Powell said the geothermal energy project had generated a tremendous amount of interest throughout the Caribbean and the international community.
Minister Powell made the statement during a sitting of the Nevis Island Assembly on February 28, 2008, at the Assembly Chambers at Hamilton House.  While he gave an update on a number of important projects that his ministry had been engaged in, the Utilities Minister said latest reports from West Indies Power Nevis Limited were encouraging.
“This project has generated a tremendous amount of interest throughout the Caribbean and indeed the international community. I continue to be bombarded with calls from power companies, Ministries and interested parties.

“As a matter of fact, as I speak to you, there is a delegation on island from the United States Virgin Islands led by the Lieutenant Governor Gregory Francis who is here specifically to gather information and meet with all parties involved in the geothermal explorations.  Also Madam President, there is a delegation here from Saba paying attention to what we are doing,” he said.
He explained that the Administration had continued efforts to find alternative sources of renewable energy which would reduce the island’s dependency on oil and hence eliminate the fuel surcharge. Minister Powell stated that consumers could look forward to cheaper energy.
“The reports are encouraging as temperatures continue to rise with depth.  The original core sample recorded temperatures of 102 degrees F.  The original air temperature was 129 degrees F and at 760 feet, it had risen to 150 degrees F.  West Indies Power Nevis Limited has advised that they need about 212 degrees F to produce power,” he said.
Mr. Powell noted that the Nevis Reformation Party led Administration would continue its sensitisation of the project through its education during its school visits and meetings with community based organisations.
He said his Ministry had been working hard at renewable energy supply and had arrived at an agreement with WindWatt Power Limited to produce and supply up to 1 Megawatt of power through wind energy for the island.
“With renewable energy there is no fuel surcharge and we on this side see it as our duty to make every effort to reduce the cost of living.  Energy charges represent a significant charge to consumers and this government makes every effort to ensure that our people can maintain a high standard of living at a low price,” the Minister said.

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