Nevis Island To Setup Speed Traps

Charlestown, Nevis
April 02, 2008

Premier of Nevis the Hon. Joseph Parry continued to underscore his Administration’s commitment to support the police in its quest to eradicate crime on the island of Nevis.
The Premier made the statement at a handing over of five radar guns from a group of civic-minded individuals and the Nevis Island Administration (NIA) to the Nevis division of the Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police force.
The group comprised Mr. Nick Douglas, (owner of Eva Wilkins Art Studio and the Botanical Gardens on Nevis), Mr. Johnnie Clarke, (Jones Estate developer), Llewelyn Caines, (Sunshine’s Beach Bar) Lau’s Chinese Restaurant, Mr. John Yearwood, Oualie Beach Realtor), Captain Nils Hoegseth (Saga Shipping), Mr. John Virball and Mr. William Bosshard.
During the ceremony took place at his Bath Plain office on Thursday March 27, 2008 the Premier registered the NIA’s commitment to work with the police.

“We are here to work with the police and give support to the police and the fire services. Just a week ago the NIA Cabinet met with the Federal cabinet in joint session and the police was a very important item on our agenda.  I also understand that the police have already seen results of that meeting.
“We hope to continue to see good results which will reflect in improved traffic use of the road network and a diminishing of the crime situation on the island of Nevis.  I now take the greatest pleasure in handing over these pieces of equipment to Superintendent Seabrookes. I offer you these pieces of equipment to put to good use,” he said.
Mr. Parry who also holds portfolio for security disclosed that the Police Superintendent had voiced his concerns about speeding. He added that in the last few weeks the island had had between five to seven accidents, many of which he said were due in part to a lack of control of vehicles.
He further suggested that the traffic department conducted exercises on road usage for motorists and pedestrians.  This he said would encourage persons to use the roundabouts and other traffic signs and facilities appropriately.
He said the island now has very good roads and that people would be tempted to speed so it would be useful for the traffic department to give traffic tips that would guide users.  He also thanked those who had contributed to the purchase of the radar guns.
“We have very good roads now and people will be tempted to speed and I would hope that what we are doing here would cause them to exercise caution.  I must thank a number of persons who contributed to the purchase of these radar guns.  They certainly don’t look like guns but I understand that they are very effective,” he said.
Head of the Nevis Police division, Superintendent Samuel Seabrookes in accepting the pieces of equipment said the radar guns were a major tool for the traffic department that will be used to help solve speeding problems.
“I can assure you that once they get in use the traffic safety in Nevis will improve tremendously.  It is not our intention to take out and catch persons speeding, but rather they can be used as a preventative measure in road safety.  However, there will be persons who will violate the traffic laws and they will be ticketed and probably be taken to the court and in that sense they will help to pay for the radar guns themselves.
“We have new roads which we know would be a speeding attraction.  However the police will be embarking on the drive so that when traffic offences are committed we would take actions,” he said.
He urged motorists to adhere to speed limits posted and issued words of advice to drivers of poorly maintained vehicles which he said could develop problems and cause accidents.
“Let us try to eliminate all those things.  We want the roads to be safe and very shortly the radars will be in action and I can guarantee you we will get results either, the drivers to obey the traffic laws or they pay a fine,” he said.
According to the head of the Nevis Traffic department, Corporal Hazell, the five radar guns will be placed at out-stations in Cotton Ground, Gingerland and Newcastle.

2 thoughts on “Nevis Island To Setup Speed Traps”

  1. Working on road safey, how about actually working on break ins and robbery? I have heard the island is getting a bad reputation from people outside. Is this true?

  2. Ohhhhh boy, did I see this coming. So much for progress. Spend millions to improve roads so that they were now suitable for speeding, so you can spend more money, on police, and radar equipment. Sounds good to me :(

    Should have left the roads as they were. Cheaper and nice. Yeah it was a bit bumpy, but hey that was Nevis. Now the roads make you feel like you are in the States. The roads were part of the charm of Nevis.


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