Nevis Island Roads Safer Due To New Safety Markers

March 24, 2008
Charlestown, Nevis
Carleen Pemberton

The Third Phase of the Island Main Road on Nevis is set to become the envy of neighbouring Caribbean Islands.  The newly constructed section of the main road that connects the Parishes of St James and St George’ respectively, had been so neglected under the former CCM Administration that in many areas it was deteriorated beyond repair. The old Tarmac road built over two decades was almost completely disintegrated in the Zion area.

After being elected to power through fair and democratic means in 2006, the NRP Administration in keeping with its commitment to build safer and more passable roads for the people of Nevis, immediately sought to rescue drivers from this section of the island main road that were considered to be hazardous and impassable.

The response of the NIA was remarkable in the sense that drivers on Nevis today have some of the most safer and passable roads to drive on compared to anywhere else in the region.

This was made possible after the NRP Administration had appropriately sought funds to modernize and complete the third phase of the island main road.  The expert Engineers behind this driving success was Surrey Paving & Aggregate Caribbean Ltd.

The new NIA proactive stance to give the island main road a new face-lift has not only improved the aesthetic of Nevis but the new and modernized road network that connects the Parishes of St. James to St. Georges’ respectively, has also help to shape the future of traffic safety on Nevis.

Cat’s-eye Road Reflectors can be seen along the stretch of newly constructed road at intervals between the lanes of traffic. Motorists in Nevis will be therefore driving on safer roads at nights, a promise that was fulfilled by the NRP Administration just under two years of taking the reigns of power on the island.

The Cat’s-eye device that can be seen along the newly constructed stretch of road on Nevis may look attractive at nights but more importantly, the road safety device main purpose was executed on a nightly basis.

With the visible increase of cars on Nevis, where driving is done on a dual roadway, the need was great for road delineation, to show drivers where the road goes next or prevent drivers from crossing over the white line in the center of the road. One therefore can’t stress the importance of the road safety device enough.

The environmentally friendly headlamps powered lights would help to provide drivers with a clearer view of the road ahead were streetlights were absent in a particularr area and where streetlights were not being bright enough in the dark, to differentiate the dividing lines on the road.

Not only that, the efficiency of the Cat’s-eye device would also allow a reduction in the use of energy and maintenance intensive, carbon efficient, streetlights.

In comparison to the cost and trauma of a fatal road accident, of course, the price of the safety device the government of Nevis has sought to use as added protection for drivers, fades into insignificance.

Another important thing to consider was that not only were more vehicles visible on Nevis, but also more people on Nevis use bicycles to get around. The Cat’s-eye device would also be safer for cyclists and motorcyclists who would venture out at nights.  All make their contribution to added driving safety.

There were Nevisians who believe that the protective measures taken by the NRP Administration to installed efficient Cat’s-eye device on a section of the island main road was too extravagant, as well as there remains a majority of residents in the community who applauds the NIA for its vision.

However, for those who oppose the safety device, nighttime travel is a necessary part of the busy world in which the people of Nevis live, and driving in the dark can be very dangerous.  More importantly, road safety is an issue that has become vitally important for Nevisians.  This is something for all those who would opposed the installation of Cat’s-eye on the island main road to reconsider. There is no argument that could possible be put together to speak against something like road safety measures put in place to save lies.

Another safety device used on the third phase of the island main road was a new technology known as Gabion Baskets. The technology was used as retainers to control water run offs. The Gabion Baskets are wire mesh filled with stones that are visible in the Gingerland Business Ghaut area.

It’s highly commendable of the NRP Administration to install the important road safety device on a section of the Island Main Road. There are more people who looks forward to having the safety device installed on the entire island main road.

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