Nevis Island Makes Drag Racing Strip A Reality

Nevis Island Drag Strip

Drag Car On Nevis Island Drag Strip

Charlestown, Nevis
September 17, 2008

The Nevis Reformation Party (NRP) led Nevis Island Administration(NIA) has made another manifesto  promise a reality, with the official opening of the St. James Drag Race Strip.

Premier Joseph Parry in declaring the new track open at New River, in the Parish of St.James, said the track was for the people of Nevis, particularly   the young people!

“My administration has displayed that we care for the young people of Nevis by facilitating training programs which were recently undertaken by 17 persons who received the opportunity to learn masonry, carpentry, plumbing and a host of other skills. Now we the (NIA) have facilitated a drag strip, to keep the young men occupied and skilled,” articulated Premier Parry.

The St.James Drag strip which came at a cost of EC$ 3million will provide an opportunity to business persons from Butlers, Bricklyn and Zion to gain tremendously from the race track as residents will be able to sell food, accommodations and mechanic services.

Designed in keeping with international standards, the drag race strip was built by Surrey Paving and Aggregate Ltd. of Jamaica.

Also addressing the ceremony was Nevisian Neurosurgeon, Dr. Geoffrey Liburd, who is resident in Jamaica and was invited by Premier Parry.

“In Jamaica, statistics indicate that for 2007 traffic road fatalities there were 257 deaths. In 2008 up to September 11th, there were 219 fatalities. In my six years as being the doctor on call there has been zero fatalities in organised drag racing.”

Dr. Liburd went on to say that the Nevis Drag Race Association (NDRA) will create   better and more responsible drag race drivers and the organization will teach people that, “Drugs, Alcohol and Driving does not mix.”

Additionally, Dr. Liburd reiterated the Premier’s sentiments by declaring that Tourism, brand marketing and grass roots businesses will get a boost from the drag strip.

“People from the region will come to compete and they will bring revenue to the island. Brand marketing will take place by brand name products or services that will purchase advertising space on cars or signs in the racing facilities. There will also be some grass root vendors who will sell snacks and drinks.”

A special treat during the ceremony was when Tempo General Manager, Mr. Fredrick Morton surprised the audience by inviting a number of artistes, to provide a taste of Friday nights Tempo concert to those in attendance. In keeping with the stations motto of “Badness Outta Style”, Mr. Morton gave a few words of inspiration to the young people of Nevis.

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