Nevis Heritage Village Pleases Tourism Officials

Traditional Nevis Homes Nevis At Heritage Village

Traditional Nevis Homes Nevis At Heritage Village

Tourism officials in Nevis are expressing their appreciation to everyone who participated in the 20th anniversary celebrations of the Nevisian Heritage Village at Fothergills Estate in Gingerland on March 3, 2023. Mr. John Hanley, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism for the Nevis Island Administration, responded to an inquiry from the Department of Information on March 8, 2023, regarding the success of the event. He thanked all those who attended the event and stated that the turn-out was good, with patrons expressing satisfaction in what the heritage village has been able to provide over the past 20 years.

In his statement, Mr. Hanley expressed his pleasure with the public’s sentiments regarding the two new establishments that were set up by entrepreneurs Sofia Wallace and Denver Jones. The businesses, which include a traditional restaurant and gift shop, have continued to do well since their opening, and Mr. Hanley hopes that they will receive continued patronage from the general public.

During his speech at the opening ceremony, Mr. Hanley spoke about the evolution of the village since its inception on February 22, 2003, by then Deputy Premier and Minister of Tourism Hon. Malcolm Guishard. Mr. Hanley believes that the village plays a significant role in the island’s history, particularly for the youth, as it showcases the social history of Nevis from the time of the Amerindians who first inhabited the island up to the era of the 1950s.

Mr. Hanley explained that the heritage village is an important tool for the youth to get an immersive and practical glimpse into the island’s history. They can touch, feel, and hear stories about household items that their parents and grandparents used in previous times. For example, the rotary dial phone was the precursor to the modern smartphone (#ad), the typewriter predated the computer, and the outdoor dresser predated the dish-washing machine.

Mr. Hanley noted that public visits to the Nevisian Heritage Village continue to grow, especially in recent times. During the pandemic, many locals who lived near the village had never visited but took the opportunity to familiarize themselves. Visitation and usage have greatly increased over the past four years, and particularly during the past two years. The heritage village has hosted numerous school field trips, researchers, travel writers, celebrations of birthdays, anniversaries, and church events. Tour operators have taken a strong interest in the site, and there is also a high demand for the site as a wedding venue.

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