Nevis Healthcare Recruits More Nurses

Nurses Recruited For Nevis Healthcare

Nurses Recruited For Nevis Healthcare

Five additional nurses have been hired to work at the Alexandra Hospital to enhance capacity in the healthcare system on Nevis.

Premier Hon. Mark Brantley, Minister of Health in the NIA, informed that three of the new recruits are from the Philippines and two are from Nevis.

“I’m pleased to announce that we have secured the services of three additional Philippine nurses to work at the Alexandra Hospital, we welcome them to Nevis.

“We are pleased to welcome two local nurses who have completed their nursing program at CFBC- Nurse Vincia Hendrickson and Nurse Akissa Farrell…We are happy that we have been able to recruit not just from abroad but also local nurses as well and we are delighted that local persons are being attracted to the nursing profession,” he said during a presentation at his monthly press conference on March 31.

Mr. Brantley had made continuous appeals for locals to join the noble profession of nursing, (#ad) highlighting that the NIA provides financing for those who choose to study in that field, whether at the College Fitzroy Bryant College (CFBC) or at the university level.

He noted with pleasure that several local persons have recently heeded the government’s suggestions to pursue a career in nursing.

“It must also be noted that since our appeal in 2021 for persons to enter the nursing profession four individuals have entered the Nursing Assistant program and four have entered the Bachelor’s Degree program at CFBC.

“All students are given financial support from the Nevis Island Administration and so I’m happy that our entreaties have not fallen on deaf ears and we are slowly building up our nursing cohort to provide relief. Many people would not know that during the pandemic in particular we had some nurses working very long shifts; 12 hours and sometimes longer. So the nursing shortage has really had an effect on us and taken a toll on our nursing staff,” he said.

The NIA’s financial assistance for those pursuing nursing includes payment of a monthly stipend that would provide some financial ease while they complete their education.

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