Nevis Handmade Pottery Tour

Looking for a piece of Nevis to take home with you?  Why not try the Newcastle Pottery Center.  They are located about 1 mile east of the airport on the main road.  It is a small building and not very well marked, but you can see the sign if you keep your eyes peeled… the road too though.  If you miss it just ask anybody on the road, they will gladly guide you to it.

     The artisans there have many useful pieces on display.  From simple ashtrays, to serving dishes, to candle holders.  They can also, given enough time custom design a piece for you.  An example would be the beautiful pineapple light fixtures at Nisbet Plantation’s Beach Bar.  My buddy Dan, who also works at the Nisbet Plantation beach bar is the artisan that made these.

     All of these pieces are made from Nevis clay and are fired in the time honored tradition over coconut husks.  The husks are burned until hot, and the pieces literally laid in the coals.  If you have access to the Travel Channel, and you see a show called Exotic Islands listed, check to see if it is about Nevis.  If it is, there is a few minutes where they tour the Newcastle Pottery Center and show this process.  It really is fun to see and all the pieces are very reasonable.  Just remember to pack them carefully for your journey home.

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