Nevis Government Connects With General Public

Nevis Island Premier - Joseph Parry

Nevis Island Premier – Joseph Parry

Charlestown, Nevis
March 9, 2009

A number of persons have applauded the efforts of the Nevis Island Administration Cabinet for “connecting with the people”, through Town Hall meetings, currently being conducted in various villages through out the island.

The Nevis Premier says the current series of Town Hall meetings is another vehicle that allows citizens and residents to ask questions of his governing Nevis Reformation Party (NRP). He also said that this is another outstanding example of transparency in government.

At a meeting in Brown Hill, one resident, Mrs. Maisie Webb, congratulated the Nevis Island Administration for the work they have been doing and for having the Town Hall meetings, “where people can express themselves to the Premier and his Cabinet.”

“We want to inform the people of Nevis of what we are doing with our numerous programs and projects which are taking place on the island; and we want to know how we can make government work better for all of the people of Nevis,” stated Premier Parry, this time at a Town Hall meeting in Hanley’s Road.

According to Premier Parry, “The Government of Nevis continues to be on the right path to the growth of the island.”  He pointed out that over the last two and a half years the people of Nevis have seen tremendous change and development.  “This has impacted positively on the people of Nevis,” he said.  “Water, Road Development, Education, Geothermal exploration and a host of other activities are leading us on the right course,” the Premier noted.

Meanwhile, Premier Parry has described his one year old, weekly one”“on”“one meetings with Nevisians as successful and rewarding.

The one-on-one meetings are allowing members of the public to have easier access to the Premier in an informal and confidential setting at the Cotton Ginnery Mall, located in Charlestown.

“I initiated this program to meet with Nevisians every Wednesday; and it has gone very well,” he said. The Premier explained that the purpose of the meetings was to take the stress off persons who had to make appointments to come and see him. He indicated that he prefers to have an informal meeting downtown where people can just come in and talk confidentially.

The Premier noted that he had met with a wide range of persons to discuss a number of issues from personal to professional. “There have also been those who have offered advice; and others who came with regard to employment and/ or training.”

The Hon. Joseph Parry explained that through the program’s success, other Ministers within the Cabinet have seen it fit to do likewise.

In that regard, Deputy Premier of Nevis, Hon. Hensley Daniel has also been conducting a similar exercise every Thursday for the populace of St. John.

The next NIA Town Hall meeting will take place at the Craddock Road Hard Court on Tuesday, March 10th at 7:00pm. The meeting will be aired live on Choice Radio 105.3 FM.

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