Nevis Government, and Private Sector Key To Tourism

OAS Director to St. Kitts and Nevis Mr. Starret Greene said though tourism was everybody’s business, the government’s role, the support of the private sector and people’s involvement were all critical ingredients in the campaign and theme of Tourism Week 2007 “Tourism is our Business”.

Mr. Starret Greene made the comment while he delivered the keynote address at the annual Nevis Tourism Awards Gala on Saturday February 03, 2007, at the Four Seasons Resort.  He said in order to guarantee the economic impact of tourism was adequately distributed; the people of Nevis must take full ownership of tourism.

“You must be calling the shots you should become more intimately involved in managing and operating key sectors that are indispensable to the survival of the industry.  You the citizens should endeavour to increase your stake in the industry. Let tourism be your business, get in on the action.  Compete for a part of the tourist dollar, it is your right.  It is your country’s most important industry.  Take your rightful place in it,” he advised. The OAS Director noted that government’s role in the formulation of policies and to foster an environment conducive to continued development and sustainability of the industry offered support to make tourism everybody’s business.  He said that government must play its part in the integrated and orderly planning for the sector.

“The formulation of the right policies and plans will continue to be a key requirement in sustaining tourism on this island.  It is the government which must pursue a deliberate policy to provide incentive for and support to businesses.

“In other words, the appropriate government policy, effective implemented, will help to further develop tourism, boost employment generation, produce increased profits, protect the environment and assure the sustainability of the industry for the benefit of all Nevisians,” he said.

The function was attended by a number of Government officials, stakeholders in the tourism industry and members of the public and on Nevis.

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  1. What a load of rot.As someone recently ripped-off when I took a severely sub-standard apartment in Nevis to hear that it is up to individuals to ‘take ownership’ of the tourism industry to make the maximum out of it. Has no one thought about regulation of rental property with quality gradings to demonstrate what the tourist might expect from the property that they hand over their hard earned money for.
    No sustainability, however pleasant your island is, will be possible until you get your touristic act together and provide some worthwhile assurance of accommodation standards for the visitor to feel confident in when spending on accommodation on your island.
    I paid a considerable amount for an apartment which was a converted basement with no ceiling higher than 6 feet, a kitchen 2ft 6in wide with hot water that had to be carried in from the bathroom and a lively menagerie of wildlife in the beds.
    I could elaborate further but to spare Shelley’s feelings I won’t.
    Please consider what it has cost your tourism industry not to have prevented the wretched accommodation being advertised under the auspices of the Nevis Tourism Authority.


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