Nevis Garden Competition Guidelines Issued

Tropical Garden Competition - Nevis Island

Tropical Garden Competition – Nevis Island

The Nevis Ministry of Tourism launched its Garden Competition 2021, on April 16, 2021. The contest is a collaborative effort with the Department of Agriculture and forms part of this year’s Exposition Nevis, an annual tourism awareness program.

The organizers expect the competition to encourage the revival and maintenance of traditional front and back yard gardens; promote healthy eating of freshly grown vegetables; increase local contribution in food security sustainability; and enhance the aesthetic beauty of communities.

The guidelines issued for the garden competition states that registration for the contest will remain open until Wednesday, May 12, 2021. Registration forms can be obtained from the ministry’s office at Pinney’s Estate. They must be submitted to the ministry or the Department of Agriculture.

An inspection will be done within two days of registration and feedback will be provided on eligibility.

Rules for the competition stipulate that all residents of Nevis, institutions and businesses can participate in the garden competition providing that the location of the garden is approved by the judges in a preliminary site visit.

The garden must be primarily maintained by the homeowner or occupant and not through a third party employed.

Up to 10,000 square feet of the property of any institution of business is eligible to enter the competition.

The contest has in two categories – Ornamental Plants or Vegetable Garden. Participants are categorized as Household, Schools, Churches and Businesses.

In the case of vegetable gardens, there should be at least three of the five types of crops – One leafy green, Condiments/seasonings, Tubers, Fruits, and Vegetables. For the flower gardens: Blooms – plants with flowers; Greenery – Palms and ferns; Uncommon plants; Special feature/ focal feature, and Attractiveness.

Technical assistance is being provided by the Department of Agriculture on an appointment basis.

Complete access to the property being judged is required for a specified time agreed upon by participants and the judges. Participants must also ensure the safety of all judges once on their premises to judge their entry.

Judges are not allowed to enter the garden competition nor can any of their properties be entered in the name of any other person. Staff from the Ministry of Tourism and their immediate family are also not allowed to register.

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