Nevis Expands Water Storage Solutions

Nevis Expands Water Storage Solutions

New Water Storage Tank On Nevis

Charlestown, Nevis
January 16, 2020

Hon. Spencer Brand, Minister responsible for Water Services on Nevis, says the Nevis Island Administration (NIA) continues with its thrust to provide additional water, with additional water storage facilities at Hamilton.

The Minister made the comment during a site visit to the Hamilton reservoirs and water well on January 16, 2020. He expressed satisfaction with the ongoing project and spoke of the significance of the project to Nevis and its people.

“Last year we would have suffered a severe drought on the island of Nevis which created major headache for us on the island of Nevis as it regards to the availability of water storage. So the Ministry and the Cabinet took a decision to improve the volume of water storage on the island…and as a result we entered into this venture to construct this new tank.

“We also had a tank here which I think is over 100 years, and it has been sitting there for some time and we believe that with that water storage capacity the island of Nevis can do well so we embarked on this project,” he said.

Mr. Brand noted that it was a pleasant site for him to witness the constriction of the new water tank which on completion will have the capacity to store 400,000 gallons of water. He believes that the water project will not come a moment too soon to meet the demand for water storage on the island, given weather expert’s prediction of droughts forecast for 2020 and for developmental projects.

Regarding the old stone storage tank built in 1904, which was abandoned as a result of the wooden roof caving in, the minister noted that the roof would be replaced with a steel frame roof and would be returned to its original function.

The minister added that the existing fiberglass storage tank would be demolished and would be replaced with a filtration system from water harnessed from a well in Hamilton, ½ a mile away which was drilled some years ago. However it was rendered unsafe for consumption with high levels of manganese and iron.

Mr. Brand explained the reason behind the installation of the filtration system which is being constructed in the USA and is expected to be on the island by the end of January.

“We will continue to pursue new sources of water and we feel that this source of water here, based on the numbers that we have seen, in terms of the volume of water that we can get from this, we felt that it was financially prudent to add the filtration system to this particular well, and so in an effort to add that additional water this would be a good source of additional water to the island of Nevis.

“The filtration system should be shipped in a day or so and we feel it should arrive on the island before the month is out and then the installers for the filtration system should be on island very shortly after. So by the end of this month we are expecting to have the filtration system on the island,” he said.

Meantime, the Minister for Water Services pointed the need for additional water storage due to predicted adverse weather patterns and development on the island will be satisfied with the added water and storage facilities.

“The aim is to provide a lot more water for the island of Nevis because from all forecasts we recognise we will continue to have severe droughts and we will continue to see the expansion of the demand for water on the island of Nevis. So this project is very important and vital to the island of Nevis as it regards to increased water storage capacity for the island of Nevis.

“It also puts us in a position where we can continue to see the growth in the housing and general development on the island of Nevis because if we intend to embark on any major development on the island of Nevis, let’s say another Four Seasons for example, we have to be in a position to provide them with an adequate volume of water. So this project is very, very vital as it regards to all our major development on the island of Nevis,” he said.

Accompanying Minister Brand on his site visit at Hamilton were Dr. Ernie Stapleton, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry responsible for Water Services, Mr. Denzil Stanley, Principal Assistant Secretary in the ministry; and Mr. Floyd Robinson, Manager of the Water Resource Management Department.

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