Nevis Dog Sitting Service

Nevis, West Indies
February 29, 2008

Got this notice in my email today, and thought I would pass it on.
Good Morning Nevis,

A few people on Nevis are interested in gathering together to discuss options for their dogs. Some have dogs but are leaving in April and need homes for their dogs while they are away for the season. Jeff and I were able to help a few last season but given our work and travel schedules, it won’t be possible this season.

If you have a dog that will be needing a home until you return next fall, need assistance because you travel often, or you would like to get a dog (for companionship, security, etc.) but am concerned about having a place for that animal while you’re away for any length of time, there are others like yourselves that would like to get together for lunch or drinks and have a meeting of the minds!

I will not be accessible by email this month, starting later today, but if you will please leave your name and phone number on our answering machine (469-2214), someone will get back to you about a meeting of the minds.

Everyone here has such interesting life experiences, professional backgrounds, and interests, surely there is a grand community solution that will benefit everyone and their pets! And maybe make homes for a few homeless in the process.

Thank you,


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