Nevis Culturama – Ms. Culture Contestant – Techyna David

Ms. Culture 2012 Contestant - Techyna David

Ms. Culture 2012 Contestant – Techyna David

July 24, 2012
Charlestown, Nevis

“The serenity of life is deeply rooted in one’s appreciation and respect for its gifts.”

Motivated, focused and filled with aspiration, is but a few words to describe nineteen year old Techyna David, Ms. Development Bank of St. Kitts-Nevis.  Techyna is desirous of grasping, with both hands, the opportunities that life presents, as she firmly believes that “your past is not your potential, only you control your destiny.”

Presently, her residence is nestled in the culturally rich environment of Butlers, St. James.

Formal education for her began at the Shining Star Pre School, now called the Butlers Pre School.  With a keen interest in her education, she was then enrolled at the St. James Primary School where she spent seven years, from 1997 to 2004.  Having graduated from that institution, she continued her education at the Gingerland Secondary School where she was able to attain 11 CXC subjects at the end of her five year stay, from 2004 to 2009.   She later took on the task of furthering her education at the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College in St. Kitts where she pursued studies in Culinary Arts. In 2011, after gaining two years experience in the trade, she successfully completed the programme.

During her relatively short existence on earth, she has enjoyed academic and non-academic success. Techyna learnt how to play the piano and during her earlier school years sang in a choir.  These activities have helped to instil a discipline and passion in her life. Additionally, in 2005 she participated in the Miss St. James Primary School Pageant and was crowned queen, a moment she will remember forever.

Having done schooling for almost all of her life, she considered it imperative to garner some work experience.  As such, she aimed for the highest possible avenue for hands-on learning in her profession. Today, she is employed at the Four Seasons Resort as a Chef.  Though she has not had much work experience, the exposure gained at this institution has been remarkable.

The essence of who she is is succinctly wrapped in the simplicity of her life. Her youthful energies are channelled through personal yet diverse activities. She loves to read, sing and fuel a soothing passion for music by engaging her musical palate with all eras and genres.  It is her belief that she should lead a life that is inclusive of solid principles and morals, and that she should seek to be fair, open-minded and respectful of life.  Socializing is important as one can learn so much from others and as such, hanging with friends is a big part of who she is.

Her future goals and aspirations are predicated on her current love and appreciation of culinary mastery.  The title “Master Sous Chef” pulls at the very core of her love for food and preparation of elegant and sumptuous meals, not just at her work place but also at home. “Good food and good company, a symphony of human life.”  It is her hope that in the near future, she will attend a leading culinary institute to make her dream a reality, and to return home to ply her trade.  She wants to entice visitors to return to Nevis and enjoy “true, authentic Nevisian cuisine.”

Family continues to be a pivotal part of her life. Her mom Mrs. Cressy Phillip-Mills, her dad Earl David and her siblings, are inspirers and motivators to her.  She truly treasures the bond she shares with her five sisters and brother.

Ms. Development Bank of St. Kitts-Nevis encourages all to continue to hope and believe, for through hope, anything is possible. Hope allows for endless opportunities, those that you did not even know exist.  As she makes her journey beyond the possible, she does so with hope that all things are possible.

“Every action is an act of self definition” T David.

You are invited to the Nevis Cultural Complex on Sunday 5th August 2012 to see Ms. Culture Queen Pageant contestant three, Ms. Development Bank of St. Kitts-Nevis Techyna David.

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