Nevis Commences Consultations On 600 Acres

Charlestown Nevis (February 27, 2007)
The Nevis Island Administration is this week hosting a series of consultations with a number of organizations, community groups, the business sector and the general public.  The purpose of these meetings is to discuss the counter proposals that were offered to Newfound Developers on the 600 acres of land.

On Monday February 26th, the Cabinet of the Nevis Island Administration met and held discussions with the Nevis division of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce at the Conference Room at Bath Hotel.

Following the meeting the Department of Information asked Premier Parry what his Nevis Reformation Party led-Administration hoped to achieve from these consultations.

“Everybody is aware that the Nevis Reformation Party [NRP] stated during its campaign that we were dissatisfied with what was negotiated and that it would be re-negotiated. We [NRP led-NIA] are in the process of doing that and we have been pretty successful up to now.  We have met with the Chamber of Commerce today (Monday) and we discussed the matter in great detail.  Tomorrow (Tuesday) we are meeting with other groups and we’ll have meetings down to Wednesday 28th February.We will hear their opinions, get their suggestions and comments and also give our point of view.  We do believe that out of these consultations we would have what we can call a Nevis Policy towards this development”, the Premier said.

In describing the meeting with the Chamber, Mr. Parry said that the meeting was very cordial, very healthy and very positive discussion and a number of concerns were raised.

Chairman of the Nevis Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Mr. Jerome Rawlins echoed the sentiments of Mr. Parry and said that the meeting was fruitful and productive.  He said that the Chamber would be making an effort to have a monthly meeting with the NIA to gather information on other potential developments to share with the business community on Nevis.  He also said the meetings would help to sensitize the public and create an awareness of various aspects of development on the island.

With regards to the Newfound Development consultation, Mr. Rawlins said that

“The Chamber supports the idea of the NIA with respect to the Newfound property and all the initiatives that they are putting forward. We stand fully behind them [NIA] and support them [NIA] in this venture.  We would want to follow up as the consultations on the Newfound project progress with the various stakeholders over the next few days”, he said.

The purchase of 600 acres of land by the Newfound Developers was to be used for the construction of a new hotel on Pinneys beach.  According to the former Administration the proposed five star hotel was supposed to be 150 rooms and 400 villas.

The consultations continued today, Tuesday February 27 with the Christian Council and Evangelical Association, Nevis Lions and Rotary Clubs, Nevis Teachers Union and the Nevis Historical and Conservation Association.

The meetings conclude on Wednesday 28th with Community Action Groups sharing their views.  Later that same evening at 7:00 pm the General Public will have their say at a town hall meeting to be convened at the Nevis Cultural Centre on Old Hospital Road, Charlestown.

The consultations are hosted by members of the Nevis Island Administration.

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