Nevis Challenges Youths To Help Build Nation

Charlestown, Nevis (April, 02, 2007)

Minister of Youth in the Nevis Island Administration the Hon. Hensley Daniel challenged the youths on Nevis to grab hold of the chance to help build the nation and shape the society through their participation in Youth Month 2007 activities.

The Minister made the call on Monday April, 02, 2007 during an address to launch Youth Month 2007. The month of activities which is being held under the theme “Youth in Unity”, will conclude on May, 2nd. The last Youth Month in Nevis was held in 1999.

“I am aware of the challenges facing young people such as drugs, crime, violence, HIV/AIDS, alcoholism and drug abuse and lax and loose morals. Despite these challenges, I urge you to use the month to reflect on how you can achieve and identify those things that will prevent you. Remember you were born to make manifest the glory of God that is in you. You have great potential. You must set aside time to work on maximising your potential. You must use the opportunities to become shakers and movers.

“I trust that during the month young people would pursue and chart a course which is marked by discipline, respect, good manners, love, tolerance, sharing and togetherness. I want the young people to use the month to turn their backs on violence and all other forms of anti-social behaviour. I want young people to understand that the future of this small island rests with them. There is considerable interest in the young in the government. All my Cabinet colleagues are very keen to help young people,” he said.The month long activities will see the launch of an Apprenticeship Programme for young people between 16-24 years. The programme will be done in partnership with employers, to build up the skills set among young people. There is a planned anger management training segment with a view to reduce the incidence of violence in the community.

A talent explosion would serve to expose the talent of the young; a series of football matches, a celebration of young people and a number of motivational addresses in schools by young people are also planned.

Mr. Daniel noted that the Nevis Island Administration had recognised the central role of young people in any form of development and since assuming office on July 10, 2006 a number of policy decisions had been taken to demonstrate the government’s commitment to the young people of Nevis.

Among the policies he outlined have given way to young people who now serve on all public corporations; the establishment of a Youth Division headed by a trained and committed young person within the Department of Social Development; the reestablishment of a Probation Unit for the rehabilitation of young offenders and to turn them away from a life of crime; a Youth Enterprise Scheme will be launched later in the year for which an Advisory Committee has been established. The Scheme will provide opportunities for young people to get into business through training, attachments and funding.

Also, over 100 young people had been trained to ensure that they became active in the development process thus development would be brought about by their hands; Duty free concession had been granted to several young persons to begin their own businesses and a number of lighted play fields and repaired basketball hard courts.

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