Nevis Businesses To Follow COVID19 Guidelines

Nevis Business Task Force

Risa Paul – Nevis COVID19 Business Task Force

Charlestown, Nevis
July 28, 2020

Business establishments on Nevis are being cautioned to continue to observe the mandatory COVID-19 safety guidelines for operation, especially in light of plans to re-open St. Kitts and Nevis’ borders.

Ms. Risa Paul, head of the Nevis COVID-19 Compliance Task Force, has indicated scaled up inspections and revisits as they seek to ensure business places and institutions remain compliant.

“Right now we have stepped up the number of re-inspections to ensure people are doing what they’re supposed to do in terms of the safety protocols they are required to adhere to.

“In terms of compliance, generally people are being a bit more relaxed because of the low number of active cases on the island, so we go out and educate them that they should continue to follow the protocols. It is especially critical now that we are preparing to re-open the borders and allow visitors to come in,” she said in an interview with the Department of Information.

Ms. Paul said those who have become lax in the implementation of the COVID-19 protocols have been cautioned to get back up to standard.

“We do not want to have to close any business place for non-compliance, so we pull them aside and talk to them so they can get back on track. We are trying our best to reinforce the importance of practising the COVID-19 safety protocols so we can be ready for when the borders open,” she said.

As at July 27, 2020 the Nevis COVID-19 Compliance Task Force had carried out 839 inspections of businesses and institutions. These include buses, ferries and taxis – 59; banks and financial institutions -13; government buildings and departments -104; offices -82; restaurants -27; salons and barbershops – 24; shops, snackettes and bars – 88; stores – 60; street vendors -11; supermarkets -7; and hotels and guest houses – 7.

The Nevis COVID-19 Compliance Task Force has also made 114 visits to churches around the island.

The unit, which was established in April 2020, is charged with ensuring strict adherence to the COVID-19 regulations for businesses operating during the State of Emergency.

Some of the COVID-19 safety guidelines business establishments are required to implement and adhere to include having sanitation mechanisms in conspicuous places at entrances and exits for patrons, and not permitting patrons to enter any business without a face mask.

They are also required to observe the six feet distances between persons, which should be clearly marked for all to see.

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