Nevis Begins Second Housing Development

Sugar Mill Housing Development Nevis

Sugar Mill Housing Development In Nevis

The Nevis Island Administration continues to fulfill its mandate of providing affordable housing solutions for the people of Nevis, launching a second housing development in Charlestown is as many weeks- the Sugar Mill Residences in Hamilton Estate.

At a recent launch ceremony hosted by the Nevis Housing and Land Development Corporation (NHLDC), Deputy Premier, Hon. Alexis Jeffers, Minister of Lands and Housing in the NIA, said despite challenges experienced acquiring the private lands, the government was again making home ownership a reality of a number of Nevisians.

“We would have had some challenges getting this development started because the lands were bought from three different owners and for us to give a single title to any homeowner, we must have had a consolidated title whereby NHLDC had one title to cut each lot from. So it took some time to get through the legal process and the registry and the like,” he said.

Minister Jeffers said creating the housing developments is just one of the significant steps being taken by the government to assist the people of Nevis to advance and develop. He gave an overview of the new development.

“In terms of this particular tract of land it is just 3.9 acres- small, yes, but significant. There will be 15 lots here with one of them being a green space…The total cost is EC $872, 071. 20. The lot sizes here will range from 5395 square feet up to as much as 9323 square feet.

“We are doing what is right to develop the entire island of Nevis in a wholesome way where our people can be proud of the developments that we do here on the island,” he said.

The Deputy Premier commended Hon. Spencer Brand, NIA Minister of Physical Planning and Public Works and parliamentary representative for the constituency St. Paul’s, for his efforts towards acquiring the land and ensuring the infrastructure was properly prepared for the construction of homes.

Brand spoke to the NIA’s commitment to bringing housing to the people of St. Pauls, noting that the government was making significant investments to acquire lands in the Charlestown area.

He said this is all in an effort to facilitate the realization of young persons owning their own homes. He encouraged Nevisians to pursue their dream of home ownership.

“I am told that some 100 applications were submitted for 14 lots, so you recognize the difficulty that we have upfront. There is a high demand for housing in St. Pauls and I would even dare say throughout the island of Nevis, and that for me is a good thing because it shows that our people are prepared to undertake these kinds of investments to make themselves better off.

“I want to say to our people, please avail yourself of the opportunity to own your own home. Once you are gainfully employed, pursue it. I want to say to all those persons who have been offered the opportunity here in this development, I am happy that you are now in this stage of your lives. It’s a wonderful feeling owning your own home and I want to say to you that once you are in this housing development you can be a part of this community and make a contribution to our development. Own your own home with pride, enjoy it and I hope you will have wonderful memories here in this development,” Mr. Brand stated.

Mr. Jarvis Browne, one of the individuals approved for a lot at Sugar Mill Residences, publicly thanked the Nevis Island Administration and NHLDC for affording him the opportunity to become a homeowner.

Several members of the NIA Cabinet, Directors on the NHLDC Board and members of staff also attended the launch of the new housing development.

At present two homes are already under construction. Similarly, construction is underway on two lots at the recently launched 22-lot Mountain Crest Residences at the top of Craddock Road.

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