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Charlestown, Nevis
June 09, 2012

Following the announcement of changes for this year’s Ms. Culture Queen Pageant, Chairperson of the Ms. Culture Queen Pageant, Ms. Culture Swimwear Contest and the Mr. Kool Competition Subcommittee Ms. Jaedee Caines, said plans are progressing smoothly for the July 29th staging of the Ms. Culture Swimwear and Mr. Kool Contests.

Noting that the contests would be twinned again this year, Ms. Caines said she is confident that the show would be a major success.

“On July 29th, Culturama patrons would experience two shows for the price of one with 10 dynamic contestants already confirmed,” she said.

While focusing on the theme “Under the Sea,” the contestants would each make four appearances: “for the Ms. Culture Swimwear contestants, Fanfare; One-piece Swimwear; Two-piece Swimwear and Sponsor Appreciation Swimwear and for the Mr. Kool participants, Fanfare; Beachwear; Talent and Mr. Kool Wear.”

“This year, we wanted to show appreciation to the sponsors in a big way, hence the introduction of a Sponsor Appreciation Swimwear,” Ms. Caines explained, adding that the five Ms. Culture Swimwear contestants are eagerly anticipating that appearance.

When asked about the reason for the changes in the Mr. Kool Contest, Ms. Caines revealed that “this year’s format is similar to when the competition started in 2001.”

“The Federation’s males have a lot to offer. Some have excellent beach bodies, some dress well and others are extremely talented so we thought it would be nice to have varying segments,” she explained.

According to Ms. Caines, this year’s Mr. Kool and Ms. Culture Swimwear contestants, like the Ms. Culture Queen Pageant contestants, have commenced training in public speaking and interviews. This, she said, would prepare them for the contestants’ launch, promotional videos and radio and television interviews which they will participate in.

The 2012 Ms. Culture Swimwear/Mr. Kool Contest, like the Ms. Culture Queen Pageant is being planned by Committee Chairperson and former Ms. Culture Queen Pageant contestant Ms. Jaedee Caines, former Ms. Culture Queens Adele Dore and Tamica Lawrence, former chaperones Ms. Renee Wilkinson and Ms. Karene Paul, Mr. Jermaine Arthurton, Mr. Greg Quailey and Ms. Melissa Cornelius. Ms. Sheila Patricia Claxton is the advisor.

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