Montserrat Airways Takes Off!

Montserrat Flag

New Airline For Montserrat

Montserrat, West Indies
May 29, 2009

Received this via Facebook from an old mate on the BEAUTIFUL island of Montserrat.  Great news for them, and we wish our neigboring island all the best with this new venture!

“Montserrat Airways is up, licensed and running! They fly their first charter flight tomorrow and the plan is to add another plane within the next few months and then a Twin Otter for the winter season. It will be necessary to be a scheduled airline soon in order to be viable. I’m proud to say that our middle son, Jesse, is one of the pilots and is really happy to be back to his island home after flying in the US for the last few years.

You can check them out and read about all the latest developments at:

The first aircraft is an Islander. It has been completely refurbished inside and out and was painted with the new logos in Vancouver BC. Captain Nigel and Jesse then flew it for some forty hours, hop scotching their way across the US and over the Bahamas, finally touching down at Geralds on Wednesday.

It’s an historic day for the Emerald Isle and we hope that everyone gets behind this new effort to make it a success and make the access to the best little island in the world, the best in the Caribbean. Congratulations to Montserrat Airways!

David ”

Go M’rat go!

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