Montpelier Plantation Inn – Newsletter

Montpelier Plantation Inn - Nevis

 It’s time once again for a long overdue newsletter from Montpelier Plantation Inn.


  • All the better to see the sea “” Sturge and Junior have been working to clear out the dense foliage so that the views can be opened up. Now all the rooms can clearly see the wild blue yonder.
  • We have begun giving the bathrooms a fresh new look, which includes a new shower, sink, mirrors, vanities, and tiles.
  • Two new room categories have been created as we continue our efforts to improve the property. The Plantation rooms have new bathrooms and the bedrooms have been redone to offer a fresh look.
  • To give you the sweetest slumber possible we have new comfort form mattresses. Guests have said dreams have never been better than when they are in Nevis. For those who liked the original ones – not to worry they are still here and you can have your choice.
  • Over 600 feet of new water lines were run to each cottage replacing the 38 year old galvanized water lines. We are hopeful that this will give everyone a bit more water pressure.
  • The gardens are looking better and better. There is a new Kitchen Herb Garden by the Gate House that is being cultivated to provide organic herbs for the chefs.
  • Beach shack has been spruced up and in keeping with its classic Nevisian style – the tin roof is as red as red can be. And it is always good to have an island rum drink by the tranquil sea overlooking St. Kitts.

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