MAXCDN Powers Ths Website

This Site Powered By MAXCDN

This Site Powered By MAXCDN

For years now I have been trying to boost the speed of my website’s load time, not only for you the reader, but also for the search engines which tend to rank faster websites higher.

I have tried caching programs, smaller graphics, different hosting companies, and even a bit of magic dust. :)  So far though the change I made that helped out my websites performance has been by using a “Content Delivery Network” aka a CDN.  After a lot of time and research I finally settled on using the CDN provided by MAXCDN.

Not only has my page speed load time decreased by about 20%, according to Google Page Speed, but I also seem to be receiving less spam!  While not a function of MAXCDN, something sure has helped.

While MAXCDN offers great prices for us “little guy’s” websites, the staff is truly concerned about helping you get your CDN up and running in a timely and effective manner.  If you are looking for just one way to boost your websites performance, then I highly suggest checking out MAXCDN.  By the way it also plays nicely with most hosting companies, and the big caching plugins such as WP Super Cache, and W3 Total Cache.

Give them a try, it will be worth it!

PS Check out this great coupon for 25% off, but act now, I don’t know how long it will last for!

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