“Live From Nevis”

Got this in my email, and thought I would share it.  Sounds like someboday is having a great holiday in Nevis!


Just a note to thank you for your website, the most informative site about Nevis that I’ve seen.  The internet can be truly amazing when folks like you contribute.

I would especially like to thank you for the restaurant information.  I ate at The Gallipot on my first night (2 days ago), and it was wonderful.  Apparently, the chef is also the fisherman, and the Wahoo was great.  I did not realize that my first rum punch would be the best.  I had another when I returned to the Oualie, and it wasn’t as good.

Some well-informed Brits who have been at the Oualie for 2 weeks recommended Sunshine’s and the Double Duce.  When Teach, who provided a tour yesterday, also recommended Sunshine’s, I knew that it would be a must-see.  I stopped there yesterday afternoon for a rum punch, walked the beach to Double Deuce for another rum punch and returned to Sunshine’s for a third.  I realized that The Gallipot’s rum punch was so good because it had no nutmeg.  My 3rd punch of the day was exceptional, but only because I asked Sunshine to hold the nutmeg. :)  I walked back to Double Deuce for dinner.  There actually was a method to my madness ““ I wanted to spend some time in the sun getting a tan, and sitting on one spot on the beach isn’t for me.

I had an amazingly good time at Sunshine’s since I was finally fully decompressed from work, and quite tipsy.  I was happy to be accepted by the guys.  The experience brought back fond memories of the adventure in my life when I was young.

I’m really happy that I took a slight detour from business in Miami.  My first couple days on Nevis have been excellent.

I’m reviewing your website for another restaurant for this evening.

Thanks again,

Peter M.

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