Labour Spokesman warns – “Don’t Be Fooled By Mischief Makers”

St. Kitts - Nevis' - PM Denzil Douglas

St. Kitts – Nevis’ – PM Denzil Douglas
Photo By Erasmus Williams

Basseterre, St. Kitts – Nevis
April 03, 2011 (CUOPM)

The pro-Government St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Spokesman is warning the people of the twin-island Federation of the “need to be aware of these vagabonds masquerading as concerned citizens while trying desperately to create unrest in the Federation and place additional hardship on our people.”

“The Leader of this great Nation, our beloved Prime Minister Dr. Denzil L Douglas will do nothing that will create extreme hardship for our people, especially those on the lower rung of the economic ladder. Again we emphasize, the mischief-makers, envious of the successes of this Labour Party Administration under Prime Minister Dr Denzil Douglas, are doing everything possible to try to create unrest and upheaval in our Federation,” said The Labour Spokesman in this weekend Editorial.

In the editorial titled “Don’t be fooled by the mischief-makers” The Labour Spokesman called on the nation to “continue to ignore these doomsayers whose mission it is to reverse the successes of our beautiful Federation.”

The Paper noted that over the past week the mischief-makers associated with the opposition People’s Action Movement (PAM) have been busy like bees spreading all sorts of lies in their desperate attempt to destabilize the country and incite social and political unrest.

It said one of the lies they have been peddling on the radio talk show and on the internet relates to the price of cooking gas, which they are falsely and maliciously claiming will be dramatically increased by a whopping 100%.

“People were being told that the price of the 20lb cylinder tank of (LPG) Gas will jump from $30.00 to $60.00 (double); and the price of the 100lb cylinder tank will be increased from $140.00 to some $300.00. People throughout the country were busy trying to stock up before the price goes up, according to the mischief makers on April 1st (Monday).

But, the mischief-makers who are bent on using every device possible to remove the lawfully elected, popular Prime Minister and his Labour Government from office,” were exposed by the Minister responsible for Energy, Dr. the Hon. Earl Asim Martin, in a statement to Parliament Thursday morning completely dismissing as false, the reports being circulated by the mischief makers.

The Editorial reminded readers of the vicious attacks on the St. Kitts/Nevis/Anguilla National Bank, one of the strongest indigenous banks in the entire Caribbean, by the saboteurs who are trying desperately to get a run on the Bank “in order to create hardship for our people and to plunge this economy with its challenging financial crisis into a state of possible collapse.”

“Of course this foolish and vicious attempt has been proven to be completely false and shows the bitterness and envy of the newsmongers bringing this false malicious and indeed ridiculous story to the public,” continued the Editorial, pointing out that “Having failed at this futile attempt to disrupt our economic harmony upheld by this very Bank, they also tried to discredit the strength and credibility of our Treasury Bills which everyone would agree are among the safest investments.”

“Even with this knowledge in hand attempts were made to mislead the population into believing that our Treasury Bills were not sound and that persons investing in them will realize as much as a 20 percent loss in their investments – Another falsehood, brought by the doomsayer.”

The Spokesman further pointed out that having failed with the attacks on the financial institution and instruments, the mischief-makers set about to create an atmosphere of fear, panic, uncertainty and unrest in the Federation by spreading deliberately false information throughout the length and breadth of the country.

“Just recently with the anticipated corporatization of our Electricity Services, the mischief-makers, tried to play on the emotions of the present employees of the Electricity Department, trying to mislead them into believing that the new venture will not treat them fairly. Again, an attempt to create some level of unrest in the Federation just to satisfy their own selfish, greedy and narrow political goals,” the pro-Government Labour Spokesman editorialized.

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