Great Fare Prices Today On Delta

Just purchased tickets today for a friend of mine going to Nevis for the Fishing Tournament.  Delta had fares (via Orbitz)to Nevis from Detroit for $477.00 return….excluding taxes.  :D

The flight is a pretty decent flight too, despite going through San Juan.  Leaves Detroit at 6:30 am and gets into Nevis at 5:20 pm.

Flight goes from Detroit, to Atlanta, to San Juan, to Nevis.  While this may sound like a pain for you people who enjoy USAIR direct, it is great for Detroit passengers.

Three weeks or so ago, the best fares were around $700.00, and Delta was not even listed.  They must be trying to get a early foothold into Nevis.  All of the other carriers had also followed suit, with similar pricing.

Cheers, Mike

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