Great Book With Nevis History & Photos

First off let me say that I know one of the authors, Suzanne Gordon, and have known her for many years.  However this said I still suggest that you have a look at this book…could not resist that Suzanne LOL  Really though if you have any interest in the architectural history and beauty of the Eastern Caribbean, then you owe it to yourself to obtain a copy of this book….hey the holidays are coming up…makes a great gift too.

I know that Suzanne put a lot of time and effort into her book, after all she went to the Caribbean to start this book and NEVER returned!  She still lives in Nevis and has a productive real estate company, in fact some of the villas that she has are on my website 

Go on treat yourself…you know you deserve it.

You can buy the book here, it is a lot cheaper than traveling to the Caribbean :)

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