Grant Extends Condolences On Double Murder

PAM Candidate - Mr. Lindsay Grant

PAM Candidate – Mr. Lindsay Grant

The Peoples Action Movement (PAM) in a release said that its political leader, Lindsay Grant and his candidates are deeply saddened and moved by the tragic and unfortunate loss of two lives yesterday (Sunday) in the St. Peters Community. Grant said that as a party that believes in the fact that crime should be any government’s number one priority and taking also into consideration that each year the murder rate continues to rise drastically and alarmingly.

Grant said that he would like to extend sincere condolences on behalf of his wife, candidates and membership of the party to extend our profound and sincere sympathy to the families of Thirty-seven-year-old Sylvester Harris and 75-year-old John Napier who were viciously chopped with a machete late yesterday afternoon. Both men were attacked on the premises of their homes in Upper Monkey Hill.

Grant also called on various stakeholders within the community to bring persons of different political, social and cultural views together in order to solve some of the social problems that have been plaguing the federation for the past several years.

Grant said that no longer can the people of St Kitts and Nevis sit by while both young and old; men and women are being killed senselessly. He declared that an immediate and aggressive crime fighting plan needs to be implemented urging the Government to stop playing politics with crime.

He said that the double homicide has certainly left sadness throughout St Kitts and Nevis; particularly in the St Peters community and continued killing of innocent lives will leave a gap in society. He also pointed out that these incidences will now cause us to look a lot closer on those in the society who are challenged by circumstances.

Grant also expressed speedy and full recovery to 52-year-old Wilfred Simmonds who was also assaulted by the same individual where he is currently warded in stable condition at the Joseph N. France Hospital.

Meanwhile, PAM stressed that the time for Government to seriously and rigorously addressing mental health is here thus it stresses the urgent need for mental health to be a top priority within the Federation.

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