Grant Addresses Crime, Corruption and Cost Of Living

PAM Candidate - Mr. Lindsay F. Grant

PAM Candidate – Mr. Lindsay F. Grant

Basseterre, St.Kitts – Nevis
People’s Action Movement
January 10, 2009

Since the long awaited announcement of the date for General Election the People’s Action Movement has stepped up there campaign and has continue to highlight and raise the concerns and issues that people in the Federation needs to be dealt with and addressed under a new PAM administration. At massive meetings in Pond’s Extension on Friday and Upper Cayon on Saturday evening the PAM team and  Leader Lindsay Grant  highlighted the three issues at the top of voters minds:crime, corruption and cost of living — the three C’s. For several months, Grant and the rest of the PAM Team for Change have been going door to door meeting with voters and talking about these issues.

Kittitians and Nevisians across the Federation have expressed grave concern regarding the crime and murder crisis that has spiraled out of control since this Labour Administration has taken office.

“Douglas’ supporters throw up their hands and claim that there’s nothing government can do to stop the murder crisis that has turned 10 murders in 2003 to a record 27 in 2009. That’s just not true,” said PAM Leader Lindsay Grant. ” Action taken by governments across the world have brought murder rates down. Ask our friends and families  in New York City – which just recorded it’s lowest murder rate in decades last year. Proactive government policies can make a difference. On January 25th, the voters have a choice to rubber stamp Denzil Douglas’ failed leadership on crime or vote for more of the same,” Grant continued

The crushing cost of living is also an issue is an issue of paramount significance among residents, nationals and citizens of the Federation. People are concerned that while fixed wages and salaries are stagnating, the cost of basic goods – food, housing, energy, transportation, etc. – are getting higher and higher. It is therefore no surprise that Lindsay Grant and the PAM’s announcement that a new PAM Administration elimination of the duties on imported foodstuff will be eliminated has resonated throughout the living rooms of every household in the federation.

“In my daily household visits and my interaction with persons as well as my own experience the cry throughout the length and breadth of this country is the ridiculously high cost of living, Grant Said. ” My PAM team and I felt that a reduction in   the cost of living is an issue of paramount importance and thus it was critical for the mere survival in some cases of persons and the relief of a mammoth burden in many other cases. Eliminating the duties will make the cost of food cheaper which would put more money in the pockets of everyday Kittitians and Nevisians,” Grant said.

The issue of corruption was addressed in particular at PAM’s massive meeting in Upper Cayon. Corruption is an issue that is plaguing our Federation.

“Douglas’ government operates in the shadows – outside of public scrutiny – and, that means that it is difficult to hold them accountable,” said PAM MP Hon. Shawn K. Richards. “PAM seeks to introduce honesty into government. As such, we propose enacting a series of anti-corruption bills aimed at opening up government and making it more accountable to the people'”, Richards continued.

PAM has declared that among the first order of business in a new PAM Administration is the  introduction of the Freedom of Information Act, the Integrity in Public Life Act and an Anti-Corruption Act to promote good governance and leadership.

“The introduction of the Freedom of Information Act, the Integrity in Public Life Act and an Anti-Corruption Act will increase transparency and accountability in government. No longer would a leader be able to accumulate 16 plus properties and not have to give an account of how he was able to get them,” said PAM Leader Lindsay Grant

St.Kitts-Nevis has the highest murder rate per capita in the Caribbean with 27 murders in 2009 in a population of under 50,000. The twin island federation also has one of the highest cost of living in the Caribbean. Prime Minister Denzil Douglas has been described by some as one of the wealthiest Prime Minister’s in the Caribbean. Many political commentators have accused Prime Minister Douglas of purchasing almost 20 properties throughout the world including houses, condominiums, land, apartment buildings as well as being the owner or majority shareholder in a plethora of local businesses.

Elections in St.Kitts-Nevis is January 25th 2009. Recent polls have suggested that the cry for CHANGE is rather significant.

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