Four Seasons Nevis – Asked To Remove Beach Blockage

Charlestown, Nevis
August 17, 2007
For Immediate Public Release

Premier of Nevis and Minister of Tourism Hon. Joseph Parry said he was satisfied with the positive and swift response of the management of the Four Seasons Resort with regard to a number of issues that were of concern to the Nevis Island Administration.
Mr. Parry said during a meeting with the Hotel’s General Manager Mr. Andrew Humphreys on Monday July 16, 2007, at Bath Plain, they discussed what he described as what was a burning issue for a number of Nevisians of stones the hotel had placed on the beach to extend its property two years ago.
“If we recall the history of that issue, two years ago stones were put down on the beach near the Four Seasons property to expand the 18th hole of the golf course. That expansion somewhat deprived persons of using the beach. The stones were on the sand and a gangway was placed east of the beach for people to cross.“When the Nevis Reformation Party was in opposition, we had difficulty with it and we said that it should not stand. Since we have been in government, we have been negotiating with Four Seasons. We have had several meetings at least four in which the matter came up and we finally came to an understanding whereby Four Seasons was to have a study done to see how best to address the matter,” he said.
The Premier indicated that the study was done at the expense of the Hotel and the resolution entailed the reconstruction of the beach close to the Mango’s Restaurant.
He said he also raised the issue of the area in front of the Restaurant and the Jessups beach which had experienced severe erosion.
“The Manager indicated to me that he would seek a second opinion and at the same time seek to find out what we need to do to build back the Jessup Beach and to mitigate the situation in front of the Mangos Restaurant. I have agreed and so he will be reporting back to me in regard to his findings. I also said to him that if we are to build back the Jessups Beach, the government is quite prepared to take some of the expenses for that part of the build up.
“I must remind the people of Nevis that in the first place, Four Seasons had approval from the government of the day for putting the stones on the beach. They had written approval given by the Cabinet of the Nevis Island Administration and because of that we have to work together and we had to compromise to mitigate the situation and to ensure that once again we have a sandy beach where the people of Nevis, not just the people of Jessups can walk freely. As we have always said, the beach is public no part of the beach is private and it must remain like that,” he said.

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