Four Reasons To Visit St. Kitts – Nevis

Visit St. Kitts - Nevis This Winter

Visit St. Kitts – Nevis This Winter

St. Kitts – Nevis is a small island – the smallest country in the Western hemisphere in fact. But despite its tiny size, this beautiful place packs a punch, promising exhilarating adventures, a dual island experience and a dynamic culinary scene that will enthrall even the most discriminating foodies.

Years ago it was referred to as “the best-kept secret of the Caribbean”, St. Kitts – Nevis is a place you want to keep all to yourself. A perfect combination of untamed beauty and sophisticated surroundings, it offers an authentic island experience without feeling overdeveloped, but with all the modern amenities you want from your Caribbean beach holiday.

While there are delightfully secluded sandy beaches and plenty of luxurious hotels with picturesque pools at which to lime away your days, an inviting backdrop of green peaks, sparkling waters and lush rain-forest beckons with heart-pounding diversions for those seeking something different.

Activities like zip-lining through the rain-forest, hiking to the edge of a dormant volcano or getting off-road with an All Terrain Vehicle will keep your adrenaline level high.

And if you’re a history buff, climb to the top of Brimstone Hill Fortress, ride the scenic ‘sugar train’ that winds its way through old plantations, or take in a rum tasting at Old Road Rum, on the site of the oldest surviving rum distillery (#ad) in the Caribbean.

No trip to St. Kitts – Nevis would be complete without a day trip to its sister island, Nevis. Grab a water taxi for a quick trip to this serene island that boasts hiking on Nevis Peak, lush botanical gardens, relaxing thermal hot springs, a charming downtown and Hamilton House, the birthplace of the renowned American Statesman Alexander Hamilton.

Whatever your itinerary, no visit to Nevis is complete without a visit to Sunshine’s Beach Bar and Grill for a world renowned Killer Bee Rum Punch (#ad) – it packs a punch!

Naturally the island has an abundance of charming beach spots serving the freshest seafood, but every visitor in search of local flavor must visit The Strip, the undisputed beachside hangout for tasty cocktails, delicious food and dancing to the reggae rhythms.

Diners in search of their next epicurean delight will find it here too – whether its indulging in a tasting menu surrounded by a waterfall, feasting on an “edible landscape” at a harvest table in the rain-forest, or dining by candlelight inside a 300-year old sugar mill, St. Kitts – Nevis is a destination that serves up something special.

The twin island Federation of St. Kitts – Nevis is an affordable place to holiday. With the Eastern Caribbean dollar tied to the US Dollar at $2.70 ($1 US Dollar buys $2.70 EC Dollars), the currency fluctuation of late has no effect here. While you can pay with US Dollars almost everywhere, why look like a typical tourist? Besides, the EC Currency is not only beautiful but it stands up to sea and sand better.

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