Eugene Hamilton Celebrates Two Years With Constituents

Eugene Hamilton - People's Action Movement

Eugene Hamilton – People’s Action Movement

Basseterre, St. Kitts – Nevis
People’s Action Movement
January 29, 2012

Attending church on Sunday at the Wesleyan Holiness Church in Conaree was the beginning of this historic week with Hon. Eugene Hamilton.

Participants from each sector of the constituency were present and with great satisfaction Hamilton also welcomed former Minister Richard Caines who joined in the service for the second year running.

Hon. Eugene Hamilton brought brief greetings, thanking the leadership and congregation of the church for allowing him and his members to worship with them. He noted that the service also had one of the Remarkable Teens of 2011 and he asked for the guidance of the holy-spirit as he carries out the will of his constituents.

On Monday the town-hall meeting at the Cayon Community Center provided an opportunity for constituents to address issues of concern and the Honourable Eugene Hamilton and party Chairman McLure Taylor benefited from some very thoughtful and constructive contributions.

On Tuesday at the Community Center in St. Peters, Hon Eugene Hamilton addressed issues of paramount importance and encouraged and benefitted from the wisdom of the constituents who attended.

On Wednesday residents in Conaree attended the meeting held at the Community Center and again the wisdom of constituents were of much benefit.

In all three community events Hon. Eugene Hamilton addressed important constituency and National issues. He spoke about the SIDF and the racket of the Government acting like a Mafia organization. He spoke about the $11 million dollars that have been paid by the government to pay a so called debt that was not on the books of the State and that was Statute Barred in the Federation.

All events so far have been successful and Mr. Hamilton has therefore set his sights on another term as he took the time to address some electoral matters and answer questions from the floor.

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