Education Minister Delivers Message On World Teachers Day

Charlestown Nevis (October 5, 2006)
Nevis’ Premier and Minister of Education, the Hon Joseph Parry on Thursday 5th pledged the Administration’s commitment in transforming the education system on the island.
“As Premier of Nevis and Minister of Education, I embrace World Teachers’ Day and pledge my support for the teaching fraternity,” he said in a televised address to all teachers on Nevis.  “My government will make available the necessary financial and human resources to ensure that teachers are equipped to deliver the services they are committed to do.World Teachers’ Day is celebrated each year on October 5th, and according to the Premier, his administration’s main thrust was education in school and the workplace. 
“Education for drop-outs and the gifted and talented, education for mothers, education for fathers, education for the underprivileged, education for all,” said Mr. Parry.
“Today should be a day of celebration for the important and complex work done by teachers and a time to highlight the contributions of the teaching profession.  On this day and any other day for that matter, the basic message that teachers need to hear is simply, “We appreciate you”.
As you carry out your various activities during this month, I hope that your students would find ways to thank you and show their appreciation and even to document those of you who have influenced them in special ways.  I know that even the best teachers rarely get the recognition they deserve but I hope that this year teachers’ recognition would reach new high levels,” said Premier Parry.
While congratulating the teachers on their special day, Premier Parry observed that his government appreciated all the hardworking and dedicated teachers. He assured them of the government’s support, adding, “As you strive to ensure that as quality teachers, you prepare our young people well to take up the challenges of an exciting period that lies ahead.”
Appreciation was also extended to retired teachers on behalf of the Administration for the services they rendered.  “We will never forget that we are standing on the shoulders of so many of you who with your limitations of opportunities and supplies but with a dedication to your calling, taught us well in open schoolrooms and under trees with only chalk and blackboard.
You prepared us well to hold our own not only here in Nevis but in far corners of the world.  My government thanks you,” said Premier and Minister of Education, the Hon Joseph Parry.

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