Dr. Norgen Wilson Says He Is Ready To Serve

Dr. Norgen Wilson

Dr. Norgen Wilson Speaks To Voters
Photo By Erasmus Williams

Basseterre, St. Kitts – Nevis
November 10, 2008 (CUOPM)

Cuban”“trained medical practitioner, Dr. Norgen Wilson declared Saturday he will not allow the confines of the walls of the clinic to limit his service to the people of Sandy Point.

“I stand before you as a true Sandy Pointer, born in this community, raised in this community, schooled in this community and then went to Cuba to be trained because it was necessary and I came back and am now working in this community,” said Wilson, prior to the official opening of his Constituency #5 Office at Mount Idle, Sandy Point.

Dr. Wilson who studied in Cuba from 1998 to 2005 said he is ready to serve.

“I care about people. In order to lead people the first thing you need to do is care about them and that is why I chose the medical career,” said Wilson, who added that the Constituency Office is to “listen to your concerns, listen to your suggestions, listen to your issues and here is where I will begin to deal with them.”

“This office is for one and for all, because when it comes to Sandy Point, I do not see PAM people and I do not see Labour people. I see Sandy Pointers and this is why I am here to take us forward,” he said to the hundreds of cheering supporters and the leadership of the governing St. Kitts”“Nevis Labour Party including Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Denzil L. Douglas.

 “As I sit within the walls of the clinic, I recognise that some people just do not come to me because they are sick. People have real issues, real concerns and people do have suggestions, but they do not know where to go and who to talk to and so they come to me and so I decided that I will not allow these walls to limit my service to this community,” said Dr. Wilson, who stressed that he was not in politics to divide.

“In order to build a community, we need to stand together and we need someone to lead us in the right direction. So when they come to you and they ask you to hate Dr. Wilson, tell them go and hate me themselves. Don’t do their hating for them. Because when they send you to hate me; me and them are still friends and you and I fall out. Tell them to do the hating themselves. I am not in the politics of divide,” added Dr. Wilson, who called on the Sandy Point community “to stand firm.”

“I want to see this community proud again. Sandy Point has almost lost its identity and I am here to make sure that identity is maintained. I am here to lead you and I am going to lead you forward in the physical development, educational development, social, physical and emotional development. Whatever it takes, I am going to be here for you and to lead you down that road,” said Wilson.

He used the occasion to thank the governments of St. Kitts and Nevis and Cuba for giving him giving him the opportunity to study medicine.

“Studying in Cuba is not easy, but Cuba taught me that when you look at an individual, when you look at a person, you must recognise that person as a human being. You must recognise that person, not as a farmer or labourer, but first as a human being and that is the only way that we must advance,” said Dr. Wilson.

He called for an end to selfishness and “understanding of ourselves and respect for the other person.”

“As human beings, we have certain basic needs. I am here to make sure that Sandy Pointers get their full share of those basic needs. I stand here before you to guarantee you that we in Sandy Point, we the people of Sandy Point, will not be left out and will take this constituency in the next general election,” said Dr. Wilson, whose grandmother, Ms. Gertrude Webster was on the stage.

Dr. Wilson gave the assurance that the Constituency Office is for all the people of Sandy Point.

“This community is responsible for the man standing here before you this evening. I plan to make this community proud again. Roll with me Sandy Point, because I am rolling with you. Thank you Sandy Point,” concluded Dr. Wilson.

He also used the occasion to present a food basket to 96-year-old Ms. Mary Tyson ““ the oldest person on the Voters List for Constituency#5. Ms. Tyson, originally from Fig Tree resides on Manchester Street ““ named after the founder of the St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party.

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