De’ Sunset Fest – 2009 – Nevis, West Indies

De Sunset Fest - 2009

A New Cultural Tourism Festival For Nevis

Charlestown, Nevis
August 15, 2009

From November 13th through 15th 2009, “De Sunset Fest” will hold its first annual festival for the island of Nevis. The focus of this fun filled event is to have a great time tasting, dancing, singing, and cooking on the wonderful island of Nevis.

There will be a multitude of arts & crafts as well as the culinary delight of taste sensations of different exotic dishes from the Caribbean islands of Nevis and St Kitts. This will be a perfect time to experience the rich cultural heritage of the islands residents showing pride in their ancestors and witnessing talents that have been passed down from generation to generation.
Our goal is to educate the youth and remind adults of their culturally diverse African and European heritage.

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