Craft House Employs Strategies To Boost Output

Basseterre, St. Kitts (June 21, 2007)

The Craft House is reviewing ways to boost efficiency and expand production.

The acquisition of new custom framing equipment in March started the process. Attention now has shifted to making workers more efficient. A two-day workshop was held recently which reviewed the importance of completing jobs in a timely manner.

Two modules were presented; production and time management.

Participants explored eliminating procrastination, environment strategies, executing tasks efficiently, how and what to delegate as well as cooperation. The workers also took part in a stress test which offered indicators and ways to improve standings.

General Manager of the Craft House Austin Weekes told SKNIS that it was important that employees become increasingly aware of the need for timely completion of tasks. He stressed that productivity and efficiency greatly affect the bottom line of the balance sheet and as such it was timely to have this session.

The workshop was facilitated by Pat Mourillon

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