Court Purges Illegal Names From Voters List As A Result Of Hamilton Challenge

PAM Deputy Leader - Eugene Hamilton

PAM Deputy Leader – Eugene Hamilton

Basseterre, St.Kitts – Nevis
People’s Action Movement
November 01, 2009

Opposition Party, PAM, Deputy Political Leader Mr. Eugene Hamilton joined his colleagues the Hon. Shawn Richards and Mr. Lindsay Grant in securing a resounding legal victory for the people of the Federation in the ongoing struggle for free and fair elections.

In a comprehensive decision delivered on October 26th, His Lordship Justice Francis Belle ordered the removal of eleven (11) names from the Voters’ List for Constituency #8 including: Shayne Hanley, Keisha Hanley, Kaye Hanley, Kelly ““ Anne Hanley, Damion Williams, Calvinn A. Williams, Kristol Morton and Petron Matthew,Travisia Williams, Teresa Williams and Travis Williams were removed. Of significance is the fact that the latter three, Travisia,Teresa and Travis are all children of Erasmus Williams , well known Labour party activitist, senior civil servant and Press Secretary to Prime Minister Dr. Denzil Douglas.

This judgment adds to the chorus of legal disapproval for the electoral reform process illegally instituted by Prime Minister Douglas with his unconstitutional SR&O #16 of 2006. It joins the decision to remove the names of Nyoka Morris and Carol Freeman of ruling Labour Party stronghold St. Pauls from the Voters’ List for Constituency #8 which is widely regarded as a opposition PAM party stronghold. The judgement also ordered that the Registration Officer must  pay 100% of the costs to the People’s Action Movement Candidate Eugene Hamilton.

The case was brought to the court after the returning officer rejected Mr.Hamilton assertions that the persons were improperly and illegally registered in his constituency. Evidence was presented to the registration officer , the same of which was eventually presented to the court and on no less than 2 occasions the returning officer refused to remove the names despite ther overwhelming evidence that supported the argument that they should be removed.  His Lordship Justice Francis Belle agreed with the arguments for the removal of the names brought by Mr. Hamilton and as result 11 names were removed from the voters list

Prime Minister Douglas will join Minister Liburd again in Court in mid November to answer another case brought by Eugene Hamilton since 1993.

The People’s Action Mo vement have won 100% of the several cases brought against the ruling Labour Party government over the last several months.

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