Cotton Thomas School Holds First Pageant

Cotton Thomas School Pageant Contestants

Cotton Thomas School Pageant Contestants

Basseterre, St. Kitts – Nevis
July 03, 2012 (SKNIS)

In order to raise awareness of the Cotton Thomas Comprehensive School (CTCS) and the role it plays in developing disabled persons to lead productive lives, the institution will be holding its first pageant this Saturday July 7.

Sylvester Dore Head of Advertising and Promotion at CTCS explained how the concept of having a pageant developed.

“The girls themselves came up with the idea of having a Miss CTC pageant. The school thought it was a good idea and decided to facilitate them in this venture,” he said. “It will help in terms of promoting the idea of special education, the girls and the students that attend the CTCS. They want the public to know that they can contribute to society not only in terms of showcasing their talent but as citizens who can be incorporated into society as persons who can succeed and excel at what they do.”

The Mission of the Cotton-Thomas Comprehensive School is to equip each student with skills that will enable them to lead as independent a life as possible; thus creating a spirit of self-acceptance that would enhance their self confidence and self-esteem.

Mr. Dore expressed that even though the girls have disabilities, they are proud to be representing their school. Two of the girls are in fact deaf and will be using sign language as a mode of communication. He also relayed the participants’ enthusiasm about the pageant.

“The girls are very excited even though they are a bit shy. However over time they are getting comfortable and I see them overcoming their shyness. They have been practicing everyday and are looking forward to the night of the show.”

The show will be held at the CTCS grounds July 7 at 7:00 p.m. Mr. Dore encouraged persons to attend to show their support for the girls and the school for what it has done so far in providing services for disabled persons.

Those who can benefit from the CTCS are children with diagnosed disabilities and have been referred from the regular class setting, tested and either kept or returned to the regular classroom, parents of children with disabilities and teachers in the regular class that seek assistance for children that are not working as they should in their classroom.

Formally known as the Special Education Unit, the name was officially changed to the Cotton Thomas Comprehensive School in May of 2010. It now bears the names of two local stalwarts who blazed the trail for special children in St. Kitts.

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