Alexandra Hospital Receives Fetal Heart Monitor

Nevis Hospital Staff With Fetal Heart Monitor

Nevis Hospital Staff With Fetal Heart Monitor

Charlestown, Nevis
December 23,, 2008

Minister of Health in the Nevis Island Administration (NIA) Hon. Hensley Daniel expressed gratitude to the Nevis Maternal Health Fund for its donation towards the Alexandra Hospital.  This came at a brief ceremony held at the hospital on Friday December 19 where the hospital’s Maternity Ward was the recipient of a Fetal Heart Monitor.

As he addressed those gathered, the health minister commended the members of the fund for their generosity.

“I wish on behalf of the Ministry of Health to record our sincere gratitude to you for engaging with us in the hospital in terms of trying to provide basic services and improved services for persons in the Maternity Ward.  Of course this is the production unit of the country and it is very important that the production unit be properly equipped because it is here that the next generation of young Nevisians will leave and the Fetal Heart Monitor will ensure that while they’re on their way to the initial nine month period that all will be well,” Minister Daniel said.

He also used the opportunity to appeal to the general public to invest in the island’s health services.

“It is our responsibility then as government to ensure that partnerships of this nature are continued, partnership with the Maternal Health Fund and the Alexandra Hospital, a classic example of private-public sector engagement and I want to say that it is in health services that we are to invest boost because everybody’s arrow points to the hospital.  We may have in our heads that we may travel overseas for specialized care but you are prepared for specialized care from here and as such we would like to engage as many people as possible in helping us to meet the needs of the hospital,” Minister Daniel said.

Matron of the Alexandra Hospital Mrs. Senica Dias, who accepted the donation on the hospital’s behalf, also commended the fund for the donation.

“We are looking for a continued mutual beneficial relationship between the Alexandra Hospital and the Maternal Health Fund.  I know that the patients of the obstetrics unit, maternity unit will benefit tremendously from this monitor and we would like to express thanks on behalf of the patients as well who will be utilizing this equipment,” Matron Dias said.

Also present at the ceremony were members of the Nevis Maternal Health Fund, Obstetrician and Gynecologist Dr. Jessica Bardales- Essien and members of staff at the Alexandra Hospital.

The Fetal Heart Monitor would be used to record and monitor variations in the heartbeats of babies.

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