Alexander Hamilton Descendants – Reloaded

Charlestown, Nevis (April 13, 2007)
Premier Joseph Parry welcomed the Douglas Hamilton family during their recent visit to Nevis.  Douglas Hamilton  a descendant of Alexander Hamilton, met with the Premier on Saturday, April 7th, at the Hamilton House Museum in Charlestown.
Alexander Hamilton, the Nevis Native whose portrait marks the United States Ten Dollar bill, started the famous long standing New York Post newspaper which is still being published up to today, was also a financier and a politician and Founder the Federalist Party of the United States.
Mr. John Guilbert, Executive Director of the Nevis Historical Conservation Society who organized the day’s activities said, “The Premier did an outstanding job by taking time out of his busy schedule to make the visiting Hamilton family feel comfortable and welcomed.” The Hamilton descendant and his family was happy and excited to do an Historic Island tour of Nevis with taxi driver Leon Barry.
After the tour the Hamilton family enjoyed tea with Deputy Premier the Hon. Hensley Daniel who stated that he had an excellent exchange with the visitors.
The Hamilton family descendants made a commitment while speaking to Minister Hensley Daniel that they would support the Nevis Hamilton Scholarship Fund and they promised they would also encourage other family members to do the same. There was also a commitment to assist with the Hamilton House Museum exhibits, which will need more detailed discussions.
The Hamilton family are committed to come back on January 11th, 2008, along with other descendants.
” It was wonderful talking with them and getting to know them .  The Nevis Historical & Conservation Society was given an autographed copy of Ron Chernow’s Book on Alexander Hamilton and a number of Hamilton Pins to sell in the museum.  Douglas Hamilton will be taking back a membership form for all of the descendants to join the Nevis Historical & Conversation Society.  It would be an honour to have them as part of the organization”, said Mr. Guilbert.

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