Small Service Sector Businesses To Receive More Aid

Financial Aid For Small Businesses To Grow Basseterre, St. Kitts – Nevis December 17, 2008 (CUOPM) The governing St. Kitts – Nevis Labour Administration continues to give assistance to small local businesses to keep nationals employed and income to support …

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Nevis Launches Youth Enterprise Scheme

Charlestown, Nevis
March 10, 2008

Minister of Youth and Sports and Culture in the Nevis Island Administration (NIA) Hon. Hensley Daniel launched Nevis’ first ever Youth Enterprise Scheme (YES) on Wednesday February 27, 2008. The Plan came to fruition 13 years after it should have been introduced in 1995.
The Scheme was born after a group of youth officials from the region met in Barbados in 1995 to address the issue of youth unemployment throughout the region.
Minister Daniel who was then the Director for Community Affairs with Youth and Sports and Family Services on Nevis, said the Scheme should have been introduced much earlier, in all of the countries represented at the initial meeting held in Barbados.

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Entrepreneurship A Way To Transform Nevis society

Charlestown, Nevis
February 26, 2008

Minister of Social Transformation, Trade and Industry in the Nevis Island Administration (NIA) the Hon. Hensley Daniel, said entrepreneurship was one critical ingredient that could transform the society and the development of Nevis. 
Minister Daniel made the statement on Monday February 25, 2008 during a feature address to signal the start of a week long celebration of Nevis‘ first ever Small Business Week.
Mr. Daniel who also holds portfolios for Social and Gender Affairs, made reference to a report on small enterprise development in the region and said that it was critical to the development of women, single mothers, children and young people.  He said support for female business owners, single mothers and poor women who worked to help maintain their families had been found to be one markedly beneficial result of micro credit programme. 
These credit programmes he said could benefit and bolster these small enterprises which could yield benefits across a broad range of economies and help them to become more abundant, productive and resilient.

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