Nevis Culturama 2008 A Rocking Success

Nevis Culturama Queen - 2008

Nevis Culturama Queen 2008 – Tanisha Hendrickson

Charlestown, Nevis
August 06, 2008

An official of Nevis‘ 34th annual cultural festival, Culturama 2008, described the just concluded summer event as successful.

Chairman Mr. Halsted “Sooty” Byron told the Department of Information on Monday August 06, 2008, that preliminary indications were that the event from July 25 to August 5, 2008, held under the theme “Participate make it great Culturama 2K8” and the patronage of multi folklorist Mr. Norman Liburd went well.

“I thought Culturama was very successful. Generally speaking beside a few skirmishes the event went well. We had a nice build up to Culturama with the street bashments leading up to the start of the festival. We had great support from the public who came to listen to the local bands.

“We were quite pleased with the high quality and content of all the shows. We were a little disappointed in the attendance at the Cultural Complex, the attendance was not as good as we expected but the Band Clash on August 01 and the Buju Banton Freedom Concert on August 04, were massive crowds in the Cultural Village,” he said.

Mr. Byron referred to the Festival’s Food Fair as “big and well organised” with a record 40 booths and an art and craft section.

With regard to the J’Ouvert jump up he said it was the biggest Nevis had seen in the history of the Festival.

“J’Ouvert Emancipation Jump Up, was probably one of the best and biggest we have had; so too was the Cultural Street Parade,” he said.

A Press Release issued by the Culturama Secretariat on July 06, 2008, indicated that the Bmobile Ms. Culture Swim Wear Contest Best One-Piece and Best Two-Piece were captured by Ms. Tanisha Hendrickson while Ms. Shanyra Richardson won Best Cultural Wear.

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