Nevis Generates $95,000 From Sea Cotton Exports

Nevisian Harvesting Sea Cotton In Nevis

Worker Harvesting Sea Cotton On The Island Of Nevis

Charlestown, Nevis
November 11, 2008

The export of Sea Island Cotton resumed recently on Nevis and the Department of Agriculture received US$95,000 from the  Japanese markets for 9,500 pounds of raw lint, its first sell abroad.

Minister of Agriculture in the Nevis Island Administration (NIA) Hon. Robelto Hector welcomed the export and cited that the Administration’s move to re introduce cotton cultivation in 2007 was part of its plan to diversify the economy. He said cotton was a notable foreign exchange earner.

Mr. Hector told the Department of Information on Tuesday November 11 that cotton production would have a positive effect on the island’s economy.

“Nevis is not known to have exported anything in a very long while. From the Agriculture side of things we are exporting cotton. We are [also] looking at taking our agro process produce unto the export market and the multiplier effect would be felt.

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Nevis Agriculture Minister Happy About Sea Cotton Crop

Nevis Agricultural Minister Hector

Nevis Agricultural Minister (center) Inspects Cotton

Charlestown, Nevis
May 19, 2008

Minister of Agriculture in the Nevis Island Administration Hon. Robelto Hector expressed satisfaction with the performance of the Department of Agriculture on Nevis  for its successful revival of cotton production after a four year absence. The crop he said was one filled with export potential for the island.
The Minister made the comment on May 19, 2008, while he toured the Sea Island Cotton ginning operations at the New River Ginnery. He was accompanied by Director of Agriculture on Nevis Dr. Kelvin Daly and Small Farm Equipment Pool Manager Mr. John Parris, overseer of the ginning operations.
 “I am extremely happy with the performance of the Department in realising a cotton crop this year. As I have said, we must export something and truly we are seeing once again the revival of an export crop which can generate foreign exchange for this country.
“As a government we are committed. I want to take this opportunity to thank the Director, the Ministry of Agriculture and the farmers who participated in making this crop a success,” he said.
Dr. Daly explained that the cotton was being prepared for export sometime during the summer months and explained that the crop was a successful one when considered that they were out of production for four years and the Department began the project from scratch in 2007.
Despite the success of the crop, he pointed to a number of challenges which had been encountered along the way.

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Island Of Nevis To Begin Sea Cotton Harvest

Sea Cotton From The Island Of Nevis

Sea Cotton From The Island Of Nevis

Charlestown, Nevis
May 15, 2008

The final push towards the first export of Sea Island Cotton from Nevis to Japan commenced on May 13, 2008, when the New River Ginnery cranked into motion after a four-year suspension, to gin 22,000 pounds of raw cotton.
The Department of Agriculture had taken a decision in 2007, to reintroduce the cotton crop following growing interests and high prices offered by Japanese importers.
Small Farm Equipment Pool Manager Mr. John Parris who had been involved in cotton ginning operations since 1979 said in an interview during the Department’s Eye on Agriculture NTV Channel 8 programme, that it took some doing to get the equipment ready for processing the first crop, since they had not been in operation for some time.
“First we had to order a set of parts from the United Kingdom because the machines are up to 70 years old and we had to go directly to a parts company. So we acquired the necessary parts and also the bailing material because once you process the cotton, you have to do bailing for the finished product and over the last two three weeks, I worked on reinstalling the machines.
“The Small Farm Equipment workers we came over and refurbished all the machines because they were out of service for over four years. We have three out of four running. The reason why the fourth is not working is because we have to make up a conveyer to feed into the knives so maybe over the next year or so we will get that going as well,” he explained.

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Nevis Island Begins Sea Cotton Harvest

Charlestown, Nevis
February 08, 2008

The first harvest of Sea Island Cotton on Nevis in three years commenced recently as scheduled and Director of Agriculture in the Nevis Island Administration (NIA) Dr. Kelvin Daly said the crop would be ready for processing by mid March with a projected first shipment by April or May.
During an interview with the Department of Information on February 08, 2008, Dr. Daly said though the cotton crop was not fully matured, the Department had harvested close to 1,000 pounds with labour from within the Department and small scale assistance from outside.
“The harvest areas we are picking from are Port Works and New River. The crop at Indian Castle is not yet ready but it should be ready before the end of this month in February. We expect the full harvest to be ready for processing by the middle of March. Once processed the first shipment should be ready to be shipped by April early May.

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