MV Christina Survivor Honoured

Luella Budgeon

Luella Budgeon MV Christina Survivor

Charlestown, Nevis
October 10, 2008

Premier of Nevis and Area representative for the St. Thomas Parish Hon. Joseph Parry joined the Department of Social Services on October 09, to laud the efforts of Mrs. Luella Budgeon of Jessups Village. She was honoured as part of Nevis’ celebration of International Seniors Month 2008, for her invaluable contributions to the villages of Jessups, Cotton Ground and the community of Nevis.

The Premier referred to the 78 year old grand mother as a strong, kind, determined, loyal and good Christian person and someone he was proud of.

Mr. Parry recalled her having worked as a small business woman who sold “sweet drink” up till recently but more so remembered her as a survivor of the ill fated MV Christina which sank off Nevis in 1970 and the assistance she rendered to others then.

“She was on the Christina and her then husband was entangled in the ropes and she entangled him, so he to was saved and is alive today. Thank God for the life he has given her,” he said.

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