Indian business enterprise shows up even in St. Kitts – Nevis

Basseterre (St Kitts) – One of the big Indian families in St Kitts – and they’ve been here since the 1930s – is the one that runs the Rams Supermarket, under the flagship company, Ram’s Trading Ltd. It has several other businesses not just in St Kitts but also in some neighbouring Caribbean islands.
Rams, the name has obviously evolved from Ram’s, is very popular not just with the locals but also with tourists – one aisle packed on both sides with all sorts of alcoholic beverages is ample proof of that “” and with the 100-strong Indian student committee and has been importing pre-cooked Indian foodstuff, like MTR dals and curries, the last few years.

Kishu D Chandiramani, the owner and managing director, is an important man in town, has held several important posts in civic bodies and is currently president of the St Kitts-Nevis Hotel and Tourism Association.
He shows me a silver cup, given by his family to the St Kitts cricket team that won the Leewards Islands tournament in the 1930s, displayed in a glass case in the supermarket, and is nice enough to answer a few questions. But he is also a busy man and, when asked for some details, says: “˜Check it up on the website

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St. Kitts Nevis to expand financial services sector with captive insurance


 St Kitts will soon introduce captive insurance legislation, according to St Kitts and Nevis Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Dr Denzil Douglas, who told service providers including lawyers, accountants and representatives of the financial services sector in Zurich, Switzerland that the new captive insurance legislation will provide “extremely competitive licensing fees for small captives that do not have premiums over US$1.5 million.”
“The basket of services being offered by St Kitts is slowly growing and the development of new products is being done with as much risk management and quality assurance as the industry demands internationally,” Douglas told the group at the Zurich Marriott in an effort to boost the financial services sector.
Douglas said that the Marketing and Development Department, since it was launched April 2001, has actively sought to encourage financial services providers to become licensed to operate in St Kitts.
“We have found from experience that providers who have come in from overseas and who have established themselves, are the ones who have reaped the tremendous benefits and rewards of our very competitive government fees for the setting up of companies for trust, for limited partnerships and more recently for foundations,” said Douglas.

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