Nevis Tourism Authority Holds Mini Market For Travel Agents

Charlestown Nevis (July 24, 2006)

The Nevis Tourism Authority (NTA) in its continued effort to market Nevis as one of the finest destinations in the travel industry, on Saturday July 22nd, hosted a number of travel agents from the United States, the British Virgin Islands and Antigua during a Mini Market held at the Mount Nevis Hotel.

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Nevis Weather Forecast

Come on in……the water is fine!   Not only is the water fine, about 81 degrees F., but so is everything else with the weather.  Nevis is located about 17 degrees North of the Equator, to be more precise, 17.10N 62.35W.  With such a great global position you can’t help but have great weather.  The days average about 84 degrees …

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Travel Tips & Tricks For Nevis

Alison, At The Nisbet Plantation Beach Bar
Alison, At The Nisbet Plantation Beach Bar 

Passport and Visa

U.S. and Canadian citizens are required to present a passport or a birth certificate with a photo ID to enter the island.  All other visitors must present a passport.  Visitors may stay for a maximum of six months, but extensions may be requested at the immigration office in Charlestown.  Visitors must enter with a return ticket.  Departure tax when leaving the island is $20.50 US or $54 EC, which includes an environmental levy and airport security tax. (These laws are likely to change, it is advisable to check with your local government agency to be sure)

Citizens of some countries are not required to have visas in order to enter St. Kitts – Nevis.  Please click here to view the complete list, apply for a visa, or for St. Kitts-Nevis Embassies.

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